2020         SYLLABUS         2020

First weekend in October 2020

held at
Longfield Academy, Darlington, DL3 0HT


01     Entries must be made on the Official Entry Form, which are photocopiable. Additional forms may be obtained from Section Co-ordinators upon receipt of a sae, an email, or requested via our website.

02     All entries must be paid via bank transfer (details included on entry form)

03     AGE LIMITS. Where a specific age is set only competitors of that age may enter e.g. Solo Recitation 8yrs., only 8yr olds may enter. Groups – Choirs, Music Groups and Choric Speech teams: age of competitors to be as at 1st September previous year. Individual, Duet and Duologue Classes: age of competitor to be as at first day of Festival.

04     Competitors entrance fees include admission to the session in which they compete.

05     All Competitors must enter under their own name.

06     The Festival Committee reserves the right to eliminate any classes in which there are insufficient entries, or of withholding any prize.

07     Admission for spectators to the Festival is by ‘ticket only’ payable at the door.

08     Where Cloakroom facilities are provided, the Committee accepts no responsibility for any loss sustained.

09     TIME LIMITS will be strictly adhered to. A performance exceeding the time limit by more than 30 seconds will be stopped. A mark will be awarded based on what the competitor has performed up to the Specified time limit. (Please see general rules) No competitor exceeding the time limit can be awarded 1st prize.

10     The Adjudicators decision in all classes will be final.

11     Disputes are to be made through the General Secretary to the Appeals Committee. Competitors, teachers or parents must not approach or engage in conversation with any Adjudicator, for any reason. Failure to comply with this rule may result in disqualification.

12     Competitors mark sheets may be obtained free of charge from the Adjudicators Steward during the Festival. If required after the Festival postage must be pre-paid. Any mark sheets which have not been claimed within 6 weeks of the Festival will be destroyed.

13     The Committee reserve the right to appoint extra or substitute Adjudicators or Accompanists.

14     Please note that Tape Recorders, Video Cameras or the taking of photographs may not be used to record any performance or adjudication. They can, however, be used during the presentation of trophies and certificates.

15     The times of classes shown in the Programme cannot be altered and will not be negotiated by any party.

16     All visitors using the car park do so at their own risk.

17     Please visit the DFPA website for all information and policies regarding child protection and festival rules and regulations

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